Aug 13, 2009

Template Frenzy

We are getting tons of feedback on our templates and we can not express enough to everyone how grateful we are for the support!!!!

Here is a comment from our first customer, Tammy, whom we absolutely adore. Thanks Tammy!

Hi girls,
Here is a picture of me and all the girls on our wonderful Mexican Riviera Scrapbook Cruise. A wonderful week of pampering, food and cropping! The Captain of the ship came down and wanted to see what we could possibly be doing that was so fun it kept us in this room for a week...little did he know! We prepared for our cruise for over 18 months by purchasing page kits (mostly from Susan and Debbie from their Etsy shops) and placing our photos into those kits as we went. Since we had to fly from Seattle down to LA to board the ship, we were very limited as to what we could pack for 7 days of cropping! What were we gonna do?! We (3 of us) fill a full size SUV when we are going for just a weekend! When it came down to it, we each had 2 large suitcases and a large carry on - mostly scrapbook stuff and very little room for clothing - and almost all were over the weight limit! These templates would have been perfect! How easy to grab some paper, your basic tools, photos and the templates and go!? I can't wait for the next round of templates to be released. These are great!
Take care and keep designing!!
Tammy Chase

Anyway, (breathe) (breathe) right Tammy. =) Again thanks to all the comments! And please feel free to hop on the "template frenzy" too and leave a comment of your own either on this post or the give away post. Which will automatically include your name in a drawing for a free designer template set of your choice!!! THANKS! THANKS! THANKS!

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