May 11, 2010

Park City Ladies

One of our friends Kerri who we meet at the Ogden show was able to spend this Mother's Day at a scrapbook get away in Park City. Sooooo lucky!!! =) She was even kind enough to show others the newest thing in scrapbooking. Here are some of the ladies who won the door prizes and got Designer Templates of their own. It looks like they had tons of fun and hopefully were able to get even more done since they saved time using the Designer Templates to help design their pages!!!!

I am sure jealous. =) Thanks Kerri!!!!

This is Kerri in the pink shirt. =)


kerri said...

Thank you Kiwi Lane WE love your product!!! we had a great time. Thank you for the great prizes!!!! And thank you for the oppertunity to show off your products. My friends and fellow scrapbookers had so much fun designing and taking our creativity to a new level all because of you!!!! you are all awesome!!!!


Kiwi Lane Designs said...

Thanks Kerri!!! I really hope next time I can join you guys!!! =)