Jan 24, 2011

DIY Frames

Some of you might have already seen these done, but I have been wanting to make these for some time now and just got around to is this past weekend. Luckily I already had the paper, glue, paint and wood from my garage. I went to my local thrift store and picked up some old frames that had a little design or texture to them for really cheap!

Things you will need: Wood what ever size you would like. Preferably not bigger than your 12x12 paper. (unless you want do do a collage of paper prints...which could be cute) Mod Podge, Paint Brush, and an old frame.
Step 1: Paint the sides of your boards and the frames what ever color you desire.
Step 2: Trim down your paper to the size of your wood.

Step 3: Add the paper to the board. Make sure to add the glue to the opposite side of your paper! You want a good thin coat of Mod Podge all over the paper. Make sure to also get a good coat on the corners. You have to go semi fast so that the glue does not dry before you have a chance to place it down on your wood.
Step 4: Attach your paper to your wood by lining up one side of your paper with the wood and then pressing down on the paper to make sure that it lays flats and there are no bubbles. (If you have a little excess of paper from not measuring correctly just take a nail filer or a sheet of sanding paper and sanding off the extra paper by sanding the sides in a downward motion)

Step 5: Add a little ink. I just used what I already had around the home. Love the color Vintage Distress Ink! I used the re-filler and just dropped some ink on a towel and then lightly rubbed it along the edges that I wanted some ink on. Ink just adds a great finishing touch to everything. =)
Step 5: Put your frame together with the glass. (You don't have to include the glass if you don't want to) There are a couple ways you can attach the frame to the wood. I just used finishing nails and placed them through the frame to the back wood piece. Just make sure that your frame is not going to chip! and then add a little paint to hide the nail. Or you can use some heavy duty adhesive strips/glue or glue dots depending on how heavy the frame you are trying to use.
I added some hanging tabs to the back of the wood squares and then placed them around my craft room. I think it adds a perfect touch! The great thing is it really did not cost me much since I already had most of the supplies around my home.
Really cute on a shelve as well!!!

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