Sep 17, 2011

Wall Display

I totally forgot I was going to share this with you. A couple months back I was trying to think of ways that I could decorate a wall in my home that would not cost a lot. I love pictures, and wanted to display a picture of each of my children in my this is what I came up with.

Step 1 : Cut a 12"X 50" length board into 12x 12 squares. I got mine from Home Depot
Step 2: Use Mod Podge to cover the base of the board with a paper that you like
Step 3: Frame your space using your the Designer Templates.
Step 4: Trace each DT onto your coordinating paper.
Step 5: Cut and ink each element.
Step 6: Adhere the elements to your background piece!
Step 7: Add any extra hardware that you like.
Step 8: Add your pictures
Step 9: Hang it on the wall! Super Cute!

Step 10: Just to make it an even 10 steps...NOTE TO MYSELF....5 kids is enough! =) I had to place Eli's in a frame on the shelve so they would line up on the wall. lol.

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