Jan 25, 2012


....a timetable of special days or events!

Most of us use a calendar of some kind to organize our lives and keep track of our extended family birthdays and anniversaries. Sometimes we even give them as gifts! Several years ago, I decided to make a calendar for my parents for Christmas. I knew it was a good idea...something they would really love. But I didn't realize how long it would take to put together! I left making it until mid-December, thinking it would take just a few hours to design. Boy...was I wrong! It was a lot of work, and because I'd left it so late, I felt the time-pressure to get it done and didn't really enjoy making it as much as I hoped I would. It turned out really cute, but was really stressful to make. So...New Year's Resolution?? Make a calendar for a Christmas gift or for my home office, but do one page a month! Brilliant!

Have YOU ever wanted to scrapbook a calendar for yourself or for a loved one as a gift, but never found the time? Join us the 1st Monday of every month as we design one calendar page a month using our Designer Templates!

I know that January is almost gone, but here's the first calendar page for you.

It turned out really cute! I had so much fun designing it! Echo Park's Wintertime and Winter Park paper lines were perfect for this design. I also used some brown paper from my paper stash.

For the borders, the templates I used were Aspen Court 1A, 3A and 3B...and two 1/2" strips from the Strips set. I wanted the look of hills and Aspen Court was perfect for that. I was also able to place my template over the very place in the paper where I would get a variety of colors with one cut, which was a really cute effect for the snow-covered hills behind the snowman. I love that the designer templates are opaque!

I had a lot of fun figuring out how to make the snowman! It was super easy with the designer templates. I used the circles from the Tiny Shapes set for the body of the snowman - Tiny Shapes 3T and 7T. Then I used the smaller rounded triangle in the same set - Tiny Shapes 1T - for the hat. I was going for the look of a snow hat here, with a pom pom on top. The pom pom is a flower punch that I've had for years, and the white, glittered rim is a trimmed-off piece of the same small rounded triangle shape. Then I really wanted a scarf, so I looked through my designer templates until I found the rounded arrow in the Playtime set - Playtime #3. I traced the arrow onto the red paper, cut the arrow end off, and fringed the pointed end for the scarf. I cut two different arrows and just trimmed them down a bit until they layered into a scarf. It really looks like a scarf...just what I wanted! I added some googly eyes, a paper carrot nose that I trimmed down from a little triangle piece of orange paper, a floral wire mouth and a couple of buttons down the middle.

I embellished the design with templates from the Tiny Holiday, Tiny Accents and Tiny Brackets sets: Tiny Holiday 3T and 8T, Tiny Accents 1T, Tiny Brackets 4T. I inked some chipboard letters that say SNOW using my Vintage Photo ink pad and a dauber. I love how the bracket points to the picture of my son, Matthew, sledding down a snowy hill! I painted the letters in my JANUARY header with Pearl paint by Making Memories. I really like the way the letters stand out! Very easy to read.

That's how I made my January Calendar page! Of course, I inked everything, as usual, to help the colors and patterns pop.

We will be posting a new calendar each month on the 1st Monday of the month...all the way through December! If you join us, you, too, will have a completed calendar to use as a gift, to give to your husband for his office, or to hang in your home.

We would love to see your calendar designs!! Please post them on our facebook wall for all of us to see and to get inspiration from!

If you need a blank calendar, we have some in our SHOP at www.kiwilane.com. You can click here to purchase a calendar or to see all the calendar samples so far. I'll be posting all of our Calendar pages there as well as on our Facebook page. Have fun! Debbie

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