Jan 26, 2012

Weekend Whimsy..Flower vase and Bouquet

Looking for an inexpensive Gift idea for this Valentines? Well why not a KLD Flower Bouquet. They last a long time and never dry out.

Flower in picture made using KLDT Sweetheart Set

Jar Supplies:
Hot Glue
Soda Glass Jar

Flower Suplies:
Kiwi Lane Designer Templates (I like to use Sweetheart, Floral, tiny Floral, Nature, Tiny Nature. Really you can use what ever sets inspire you)
Small sticks/dowels (craft section of most stores)
pop up tape (I like to add some pop up tape between the flower layers.
Paper (used Love Me by MME)
embellishments for the center of your flowers. What ever your heart desires. (I love how Shiloh used the Tiny Shapes and Tiny Accents in the middle of her flowers at the bottom)

If it is for a work desk...Try adding a pen at the bottom of your flower stick! Like Shiloh Did with this flower bouquet!

These are the flower pens that we use at the Scrapbook EXPOS, and they are a big hit with everyone...SUPER EASY TO MAKE!
NOTE: I believe Shiloh used coffee stirring sticks for these flowers. Found at her grocery store.

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