Mar 9, 2012

Lucky Badges

I thought since St Patricks day is this month that it would be fun to make some Lucky badges for my girls school teachers using the flower from the Sweetheart set. It makes the perfect 4 leaf clover!

Just trace a little over half of the flower onto your paper and then trace and cut it out. I used ribbon but you could also use paper if you wanted for the tails. I just used hot glue to attach the ribbon and the pin to the back of my badge. And you are done!

Just another way to show my daughter's teachers that we appreciate them. Although St. Patricks day falls on a saturday this year I am sure they can keep these and use them in the future as a touch of green so they are sure to not get pinched.

You can change the wording to give to your children, mom, dad, friend, boss etc...

Also really cute on a scrapbook layout as well.

I hope this has inspired you. Really you can make tons of different badges for any occasion using the Kiwi Designer Templates. Birthday, Halloween, 1st prize. etc...

Simple and Easy! A Perfect Weekend Whimsy!

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