Apr 27, 2012

Create Your Own Wall Art

Designed by Susan Budge using Nature, Tiny Nature, Tiny Wacky, Tiny Wildflower

Step 1: I picked up this old frame for about $2.00 and gave it new life by giving it a fresh new color. 

Step 2: Layout your squares for your background 

Step 3: Design your art by using the DT sets just like you would do for a scrapbook layout. 

Step 4: Trace and cut your designs out onto fabric of your desire. I used a fabric pen, which you can get at a craft store. Just make sure to wipe it clean right after if you dont want marks on your DT sets. 

Step 5: Sew each design onto the background square that you designed it on. I used a zic zack stick along the edges of my designs. Repeat for each design that you cut out. 

Step 6: Sew the background squares together using a straight stick. Keeping face sides together and sewing up the edges until it becomes one complete piece. 

Step 7: Cut a piece of cardboard to fit within your frame. Wrap your fabric around the cardboard and attach it in the back. Then place in your frame. 

Step 8: Hang it up and enjoy your one of a kind wall art! 

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