Jun 21, 2012

American Flag Blocks

I love working with wood for my projects. I grew up with my dad  always building and cutting things out of wood. I would have to say a big part of why I am so creative and get so much from being creative is because I grew up around it.  My dad is amazing with wood, and my mom is amazing at sewing! I just wish that while I was young I would have taken more advantage of learning their talents as well.

 Even though I remember my mom trying to teach me to sew and as a young kid all I wanted to do was go play! Little did I know that I would want that knowledge now. Now when I try to sew I have to use my  “phone a friend”…aka my mom! To walk me through it. They don’t make those dress patterns steps easy to read…if you know what I mean. =)

I must say cutting wood, sanding and painting is something I watched my dad do often and I put it to good use with this project. 
We used 2x4 pieces of wood and 4" post. Cut down to the following
2 x 9" paint white and red
2 x 5" paint white and red
4x4 Painted blue

And then ofcourse added a little pattern paper with some modge podge! Makes everything just a little better! =) You can watch this video here for more details and other fun 4th of July crafts. 

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