Sep 5, 2012

Sweet Surprise Party

Madison and Abigail turned 10 a couple weeks ago. And last minute I decided to throw them a surprise party! Lucky it was last minute because it was hard enough keeping it from them for just those couple days. They were surprised though. We went with a SWEET theme!  It was a lot of fun.  

Cupcake Settings:
DT sets used: Celebrate, Tiny Shapes
paper used: Becky Higgins paper pack

Goody Bags: Thank you for making our party sooooo....sweet! 
Take a 12"x5"piece of paper score line at 5" and 7" creating a 2" base and 5" sides.
 Staple at the top with the goodie bag attached as well.
 Decorate the front as you would like. 
DT Sets used. Tiny Strips, Thoughtful. 

 Something to do while we waiting for the "birthday girls" to show up. 

Being 10 is SWEET!
DT sets used. Accents, Celebrate, Floral ,Tags, 

 Old game...but always so fun! Don't let the balloon touch the ground...Plus the cup and the balloon look like an ice cream cone. 

 Used the pinwheels from the Celebrate set for the cupcake toppers again. 
I just love those pinwheels. =) 
Caution they are inflammable! 

 The Birthday girls digging in...Oh what a sugar high they all got! 

Like I said. It was last minute but here is a couple pictures of the Invite I put together. Again just folding a 4"x12" paper and decorating the out side a little. Nothing fancy. Good thing I had a lot of scraps of paper to work with! =)


maria zelinski said...

you are an awesome momma, how special you made their day. everything looks great and their smiles say it all.

Kiwi Lane Designs said...

Thanks Maria! I was running around like a crazy women the morning of. But it was fun, and their faces were worth it!