Jan 22, 2010


Well it is finally here!
From the 22-28th all the NEW templates will be 20% off!!
Go to Kiwilane.com to get yours today!!!

NEW Tiny Templates for cards and scrapbooking.
Tiny Bracket set of 4 $9.95 /sale7.95
Tiny Floral small set of 3 $8.95 /sale7.15
Tiny Wildflower set of 6 $10.95/ sale8.75
Tiny Wacky set of 3 $8.95/sale7.15
Tiny Border Set...Thoughtful $10.35/sale12.95
Tiny Sweetheart set of 4 $9.95/sale7.95
Tiny Strip Set for cards $3.95/sale3.15
(5 ½ by 3,2,1, ½ inches)

NEW release of Accessory Set
Cascade Trails 14.95/ sale11.95
Sweetheart Accessory set 12.95/sale 10.35
heart flower
Adventure Accessory set 13.95 /sale 11.15
arrows (2)
gear tug-in
star (2)

Orders placed between the 22nd-28th will be shipped on the release date of Jan 29th

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