Jan 20, 2010

Tiny Sweetheart and Accessory Set!

Did we tell you already that we are completely in LOVE with our Sweetheart Sets??? =) They are perfect for your Valentines or wedding pictures, and for any page that highlights the Sweethearts in your life. There are so many fun ways to use these accessories!

Sweetheart Accessory Set:

(Templates used: Tiny Sweetheart set, Sweetheart Accessory set, Cascade Trails, and Chestnut 2A, 2B)

Tiny Sweetheart Set
Oh and what about the Tiny Sweetheart Set? Great for your pages and perfect for cards!!! WE ARE HAVING SO MUCH FUN!!! =)

Pre-sale Jan 22-28th...

Final Release Date January 29, 2010

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