Jan 15, 2012

Valentine Update

5 Days of Valentine cards using MINI BORDERS!
Show your friends and family that you care about them in a BIG way.

Join us Jan 16-20 on facebook to see some cute Valentine’s Day cards using the 8" mini border sets.

The Mini Border sets, along with other DT sets will go on sale Jan 20-23rd, just in time for you to make your own Valentine's Day cards, but we wanted to give you time to see the samples that we have created so that you can decide which sets you would like for yourself.

Have a say in what goes on Sale!

We wanted to give you all a chance to chime in on which set you would like to see at the greatest discount! That's right! Is there an 8" border set that you love or want to add to your collection? Make sure to participate and cast your vote HERE! Look for the V-Day Promo tab on the left side of our facebook wall to vote. Voting will be open from Jan 16-19.

The set that draws the most attention will be offered at the deepest discount! If you’ve ever wanted to have a say in what goes on sale, well now’s your chance! Also a lucky winner will be randomly selected on Jan 20th from those that voted for the winning set. If you want to make sure your favorite set wins, make sure to recruit your family and friends! Happy Voting!

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