Jan 12, 2012

Christmas Clearance Items for Valentines!

I love the look of the fabric, yarn and ornaments

string one ornament at a time, making sure to alternate
the placement and colors as desired.
Medium/Large Balls: Total 30
Small total 8
Tiny Total 13
Use smaller sizes to fill in the gaps!

If you LOVE the "ball wreaths" that are all over Pinterest, then you’ll probably LOVE what I have been up to. It is not completely finished but I wanted to give you a heads up so that if you are out shopping and see ROUND CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS on CLERANCE you can pick some up while they are 70-90% off. What color they are really does not matter, unless you are going you know what theme you would like to do your wreath and you happen to find a couple in the same color coordination. I got mine from Kohls, Craft Warehouse, Jo-Anns, and the Dollar Store. (I am making one for Valentines, so I will leave some of the red glitter ornaments the way they are)

As a side note, I would NOT recommend using GLASS ORNAMENTS!

If you have been thinking of trying to make one of these wreaths, or think it is a good idea after reading this, well now is definitely the time to do it! The posts that I have read that show you how to make these beautiful wreaths call for Styrofoam balls, but if you’ve ever priced Styrofoam balls, you’ll know that it can be a little bit cost prohibitive to buy as many as you would need for an entire wreath. While I was out and about, browsing holiday clearance sections, I realized that Round Christmas Ornaments would work just as well, and are a steal on clearance! Using them will significantly decrease the total cost of the project (which is never a bad development!). So, regardless of the occasion that you plan to make your wreath for, this is definitely a great option. Check back soon for details on how I use these Ornaments to create my wreaths!

Also, keep in mind that a lot of things from the Christmas Season can work for your Valentine’s Day projects as well. Anything that is the color RED will work wonderfully!

There is a lot of "Christmas" wrapping paper (depending on the prints and colors) that can be used all year long and I love these red bags that I bought for 20 cents each! I am planning on using these bags for some Valentine’s Day Goodies for my girls. I used my DT’s and dressed the bag up just a little bit! =) Perfect!

COMING SOON: More details on how to make these and pictures of the finished product! =)

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