Feb 3, 2012

How do we capture emotion in a photograph?

Well, first we have to find a moment. Snapping a posed image of your pet or your kids will get you a nice picture, but if you try a little bit harder and take your time getting a more candid photograph then you may end up with something much more special.
Here are a few things you can try to add more emotion to your photos.
Be in the moment:
Feel the emotion you’re trying to capture.
Be patient:
Wait for the right moment to snap a picture.
Quit Saying "Smile":
To capture emotion you need to keep it candid. Some of the most magical moments are the ones that are unexpected. Take your shots when your subject is relaxed and may not even be aware you are photographing them.
Get Close:
Don't be afraid to get close to the subject that you are photographing. Often a singular emotion gets lost in a busy scene. Try simplifying the main subject of the image before snapping a picture. You can also try placing yourself in a position that does not intrude upon the moment and use your zoom to capture it.
Think outside the box:
Don't be afraid to get off angles, cut off heads, miss focus a bit. Sometimes images like these can be very thought provoking and mysterious.Get up close and personal with your loved ones!
Snapshot Suggestion: Life is about the small things, the moments that make us happy...or sad. Capture at least 1 picture this month that shows an emotion.

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