Mar 2, 2012

Keys to Compositon

Keys to Composition:
Distinguish ONE important center of interest.
The principle subject of any photo should
command at least 25% of your photo. If your
subject is a person, the percentage should be
higher - 50% or more of the total scene.

Everything in your picture MUST have a good
reason to be there. Concentrate on the subject
of your photo and eliminate all distracting
and unnecessary elements.

How can you eliminate the things you don’t
want in a picture? By shifting angles, moving
closer, or using your telephoto to exclude the
things you don’t want in your shot.

When taking photos indoors, take a quick
glance around. Remove any clutter that could
show up in the picture.

Break the habit of positioning your subject in
the center of every shot.

Consider whether your photo will look best
horizontally or vertically. Try varying
horizontal and vertical shots according to the
impression you’re aiming to capture. Portraits
generally look best vertically. Group shots are
best horizontally.

Your chances of a winning shot increase with
the number of photos you take. take several
shots, vertically and horizontally. Decide
which looks best later.

Don’t be afraid to try shooting at different
angles! They can really add something special
to a photo!

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