Apr 4, 2012

Simple Chick!

Have I told you how great it is to work with basic shapes? I am seriously constantly amazed how inspired and how often I use the Tiny shape set. Here is a simple yet adorable chick you can make just using the circles and triangle from the Tiny Shapes DT set. Add strips for the legs, or ribbon and then embellish with some basic buttons! That simple!

Oh and just for fun I pulled in some of the popsicles sticks I have lying around in my scrapbooking supplies. I am sure you have plenty as well. Even used it over on the flower on the right side of the page. I hope this page inspires you to create your own simple chick.

Designed by Susan Budge using Scallops, Large Bracket, Sweetheart, Nature, Tiny Nature, Tiny Shapes, Tiny Accents, Strips, Photo Mattes, Tiny Bracket. MME Paper Kit

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