Sep 26, 2012

What papers to use?

Ideas to Inspire

Paper Addicts! 

Here is a little review on some things to keep in mind when picking paper. 
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We use about 5-6 sheets of double-sided paper.
  • 2 sheets of paper for your background (more of a subtle pattern,  not too busy.) 
  • 2-3 double -sided papers for your layers and accessories (make sure to keep in mind the patterns on both sides of the paper to get the most efficient use of your paper. 
  • 1 sheet of paper for matting your pictures...pattern or solid cardstock. 
    • Start by picking one sheet of paper that stands out to you the most and that has all the colors included that are in the paper line. This will allow you to blend all the colors together. Then pick your other 1-2 sheets to go along with that one for your borders and accessories.
  • This allows us to create a 2-page layout (layers and all) and usually we can make 1-2 cards out of the scraps.

Note: Although I love Authentique paper...One thing I noticed after using this paper line was that it was 2 tone in the colors...You get shades of green and blue.  It worked for the old black and white pictures I had...but when I went back and looked at some of the other pages that I have scrapbooked and love they have about 4 color tones included. This makes it a lot easier to layer with because you have more color options to play with. Also it  makes more of a pop. So that is also something else you can keep in mind when buying paper.

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