Oct 2, 2012

Family pictures

Well it is that time of year. Family Pictures! 
Last year we ended up not taking family pictures because well....I just had a baby and family pictures are crazy enough.... so that gave me an excuse. So this year I needed to follow through, and get them done ; ) 

Do you take Family Pictures every year? 

 There is something about seeing your whole family in a picture together. 
Do I really have that many kids? lol

And here are a couple with our newest family addition. Honestly. I feel like taking this picture with Ollie was way more work then taking our family pictures last week. Between Eli and Ollie...lets just say Impossible! I pretty much just gave up...
it is, what it is. Right? lol


Jodi said...

Enjoy taking those family pictures now cause as they get older and start their own families it becomes impossible.... Especially with divorces, etc.

We haven't had a complete family picture since 2002.

TX, Romance said...

Jodi is right...We had all 7 of our children home at once last Christmas. We took a picture of the 7. We also took pictures of the couples too. We didn't even try to fit in the 17 grandchildren and the spouses ALL AT ONCE!!! Enjoy this time in your life. You will enjoy all those "difficult pictures" later on.

Samantha Wright said...

Gorgeous family photos! You have a beautiful family.