Oct 8, 2012

Love Fall!

How was everyones weekends? Shiloh and I decided to decorate our porches for the Fall this weekend. Thanks to Pinterest... we saw this idea and had to make one for ourselves. I love this time of year!

 Here is a picture of Shy's porch at night! 
"It's all about the candy! 23 days until Trick or Treating~"

and here is a picture of my porch -Susan
"When witches go riding and black cats are seen...tis 23 days until halloween"

And guess what we used for the lettering? Yup..Shy had this idea to use all the chipboard we had in our scrapbooking supplies as a stencil! It worked perfect! 


Anonymous said...

Love it. Now if I only had a porch to decorate. Could you share the Pinterest link or how you made these ?

Teri Parke said...

Love it!

Andrea Parker said...

Ingenious! Who would have thought that some simple lights could make a porch pop. Great job ladies!!

Precious Memories Scrapbooking & More said...

Fa~BOO~lous!!! Oh how I wish I had a large covered porch to decorate!!! I <3 it!!!!!