Jan 10, 2012

Scrapbook Album

I have had a couple people ask me what Scrapbooking Album I prefer so I thought I would share (rememeber this is just the Book of Susan...if you have an album you love please share it with us).....

I used to use a Post Bound Album because I loved how the pages laid close together side by side, but soon realized that I didn't like all the work that was involved to add more pages when you needed to, and it really didn't allow me to add that many pages to the album either. I have recently switched all of my albums over to these 3" ring binders by Pioneer. I love that they are modern, have a place for a family picture on the front and the dates on the side (That's what I use those spots for anyway). And they are 3"! I am able to fit a whole year of events in one album. I am not sure where I am going to put 20+ years of albums when i grow up! =) For now I have them in our living room where the whole family can enjoy them.

I am not going to lie. I used to store them in my scrapbooking room where I could keep a close eye on them. Overall though, my kids are pretty good at handling them with care and these albums are my gift to my family, and I would rather have the albums be looked at then to gather dust. Hopefully we can all get our albums out more this year and reminisce with our family and friends. It is priceless!

Pioneer 12 x 12 3 - Ring Binder Sewn Leatherette Frame Scrapbook


Kristy said...

I also use 3 ring binders, but need to cut back on my embellishments so I can fit more pages in each binder! ha ha ;)

febe said...

I am using the typical scrapbook but making sure that there is a ring binder so I can remove and add pages anytime.

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